Po Hu

Wayne State University
Department of Mathematics
Faculty Administration Building
Detroit, MI 48202

  • Office: 1253 FAB
  • Phone: 577-2492
  • po@math.wayne.edu
  • Curriculum Vitae

    List of Publications

    Some Research Papers and Preprints:

  • (with I. Kriz)On modular functors and the ideal Teichmuller tower
  • Higher string topology on general spaces
  • (with I. Kriz)Closed and open conformal field theories and their anomalies
  • (with I. Kriz)Conformal field theory and elliptic cohomology
  • Duality for smooth families in equivariant stable homotopy theory
  • On the Picard group of the stable $A^1$-homotopy category
  • (with I. Kriz)Real cobordism and Greek letter elements in the geometric chromatic spectral sequence
  • (with I. Kriz and A. A. Voronov)On Kontsevich's Hochschild cohomology conjecture
  • The $Ext^{0}$-term of the Real-oriented Adams-Novikov spectral sequence
  • $S$-modules in the category of schemes
  • (with I. Kriz)Some remarks on Real and algebraic cobordism
  • (with I. Kriz)Real-oriented homotopy theory and an analogue of the Adams-Novikov spectral sequence