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I am a Ph.D. candidate at Wayne State University working under Andrew Salch. My research primarily focuses on how periodicity in the stable homotopy groups of spheres interacts with algebraic K-theory. Specifically, I am interested in exploring if periodic families from the homotopy groups of spheres of height n+1 can be detected in algebraic K-theory of the connective cover of the E(n)-local sphere. In my thesis, I focus on the case n=1 where I can show that the beta family, a periodic family of height two in the homotopy groups of spheres, is detected in algebraic K-theory of the p-completion of the connective cover of the E(1)-local sphere. I am also passionate about teaching and I have enjoyed teaching courses as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at WSU. For more information about my research interests and my teaching philosophy see my application materials below.
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